Reclining bath with side access.

The TR Swing Bathtub is a free standing, inclinable bathtub designed for a satisfying and relaxed bathing experience.
The TR Swing can be equipped with several wellness options

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Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

Hand shower with long hose

Standard Equipment

Thermostatic mixer

The thermostatic mixer is pre-set to a Maximum outlet temperature of 43°C

Standard Equipment

Support handles

Standard Equipment

Overflow drainage and drainage outlet (excl drainage hose)

Standard Equipment

Braided flexible connecting hoses

Standard Equipment

Service hatches

Standard Equipment

High quality bathtub made by reinforced fibre glass

Standard Equipment

Maximum patient weight of 150 kg/330 lbs

For Caregiver


Basic specifications


Easy to operate and learn

Controls have been designed with simplicity in mind and the smooth design makes it easy to clean and maintain.


Easy access to the bathtub from the door


Ergonomic tub shape


Detached, no wall or floor fixing


Use with TR 9650 Mobile Chair Lift

Can be used with TR 9650 Mobile Chair Lift to transfer the patient to the bathtub.

Options For Patient

For patient

LED Light system

The LED light starts in multi color mode and automatically rotates between the different colors. A fixed color can be chosen.

For patient

Air Spa System

The air bubbles come from 12 air jets inside the tub.

For patient

Music system

The music system can be connected by bluetooth or AUX.

Option / Accessories


Autofill system

Not combined with TMV 2/3


Cleaning system

Cleaning system can be factory mounted on the bathtub. 


Height adjustment

Maximum height, inclined position, adjustable height 1300mm

Adjustable height, stroke length 100 mm

Lifting speed 10 mm/s


Legionella mixer

TR Swing is available with a thermostatic Legionella mixer (Antibactus)


TMV Brassware (UK)

TR Swing can be equipped with TMV2/3. Not combined with autofill.

 Product only available at UK retailers

TR Swing
Simple installation of the TR Swing allows it to be positioned almost in any central bathing areas.

TR Swing can be equipped with several wellness options.

TR SWING installation at a nursing home in Germany

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