TR9650 Mobile Stretcher Lift

Mobile bath stretcher lift (max patient weight 150kg/330Ibs) with battery operated height adjustment accommodates needs for patients and caregivers in both the acute and long term care environments.

Suitable for transfer, transport and bathing for many type of residents in many different care environments.

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Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

Measurements (mm)

Chair lift mm

Product Measurement document available for download at the bottom of the page.

Standard Equipment

Measurements (inch)

Kombi Lyft inches 2012

Product Measurement document available for download at the bottom of the page

Standard Equipment


The autostop prevents the chair from dropping if drive belt fails.

Standard Equipment

Magnetic battery charger

The magnetic battery charger is designed to prevent damage when charging.

Standard Equipment

Audio low battery tone

Standard Equipment


Operated by two long life high capacity batteries.

Standard Equipment

Attachable Side Parts

Attachable side parts including head pillow for easy conversion from stretcher to chair with no tools required.

Standard Equipment

Maximum patient weight 150kg/330Ibs

Standard Equipment


Seating surfaces made of soft, durable material that is comfortable to sit on.

Standard Equipment


Comfortable backrest for chair that can easily be moved to either arm for back support.

Standard Equipment

Saftey belt

Safety belt is incorporated into the Chair lift to provide security and assurance for both the patient and the caregiver.

For Caregiver


Safe Patient Handling

Safe and efficient handling and operation for transfer, transport, and bathing.

The Product is designed for caregiver´s ergonomic use.


Safe height adjustment

Foot operated and height adjustable enables the caregiver to find the most efficent and convenient working height and gives the attendant both hands free to tend to the patient.


Clean design

The clean design gives the caregiver easy access to the patient and makes the Chair Lift easy to clean and maintain.


Low and narrow chassis

Low chassis for easy access under beds and baths and narrow chassis design so the patient easily and safely can be seated on to the chair. Leg clearance (floor to top of the legs 135 mm).


Foldable safety arms

The safety arms on the TR9650 Chair Lift can be folded away for easy access and they can be folded back once the patient is in position.


Ergonomic design

TR 9650 Mobile Chair Lift is designed for the caregivers ergonomical use.


Hand grips

Ergonomically deigned hand grips for safe and efficient transfer, transport and bathing.


Use with TR Bathtubs

Together with the TR bathtubs the TR 9650 Chair Lift completes a system that offers a safe, labour efficient and person oriented bathing cycle with increased care quality.



Spacer kit

Spacer kit raises the trolley height 52 mm (Factory mounted)


Extended armrests

Extended armrests to chair lift for extra safety, 90 mm both sides. (Factory mounted)


Extension for lift base

Extension for lift to increase the distance between lift column and chair/stretcher to suit different kind of baths.Standard 135 mm.Extension 60 mm to 80 mm.


Bed Pan Holder

The bed pan accessory option can be fitted to the chair to ease toileting.


TR1650 Scale incl. MHS-2800 Lift weighing kit

TR 1650 assist you with patient's weight records with no increase in staff workolad or time, no addes stress or inconvenience for patients. Lift Weighing Kit MHS-2800 including display and load cells fulfills OIML Class III standard.

Nurses at Jinnah Hospital Lahore are very satisfied with TR 900 SS CWA bathtub together with TR 9650 mobile patient lift. These products have facilitated the bathing operation for the nurses and prevented back pain thanks to the height adjustable function. Patients experience pleasant baths that have improved their daily struggle that they are enduring with burns injuries. The “single “ transfer with TR 9650 mobile patient lift has simplified the whole transfer from bed to bathtub without bothering injured patients to be moved several times.
Both TR 900 SS CWA bathtub and TR 9650 mobile patient lift are very simple to operate and to clean. We grant these products and the manufacturer a very positive feedback.

Nurses at Jinnah Hospital Lahore

Staff at burn unit Emergency Hospital for Children Grigore Alexandrescu find both TR 900 bathtub and TR 9650 to be very easy to work with. The fact that the products are height adjustable spare care givers backpain which has led to decrease in sickness leave related this specific problem. The operation of the products as well as the cleaning is very facile and not complicated at all. Patients appreciate the single transfer from bed to bathtub and their baths without any pain.

Staff at burn unit

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