BATHTUB TR 900 Stainless Steel

The TR900 Stainless Steel Bath, designed for burn treatment, features an adjustable height for optimal comfort and efficiency.

The bath section is fabricated from highly durable stainless steel and therefore designed to enable the care and treatment of burn injuries, being both suitable for the use of specific chemical cleaning agents and also easy to clean and disinfect after each patient use.

Suitable for healthcare staff in the burn center who have specialized training in care, treatment, and rehabilitation of burn injured patients.

The stainless steel burn care bath is available with all standard TR 900 fiberglass panels, both manual and auto-filled models.

Ergonomically designed, and the clean look also makes bathing relaxing and enjoyable.

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Standard Equipment all models

Standard Equipment

Measurements (mm)

TR900 MM

Product Measurements documents available for download at the bottom of the page.

Standard Equipment

Measurements (inch)

TR900 inch

Product Measurements documents available for download at the bottom of the page.

Standard Equipment

High quality RADA mixer, preset at 43 degrees to avoid scalding

Maneuver panel for TR900 A

Standard Equipment

Removable foot support, adjustable in three positions

Standard height = 95mm

Standard Equipment

High quality LINAK actuators

Standard Equipment

Hand shower with 2,4mm long hose

Standard Equipment

Overflow control and pop-up drainage incl. drainage hose

Standard Equipment

Reinforced hoses for water installation

Standard Equipment

Hot- and cold-water Installation kit

 (2 check valves and 2 ball valves)

Standard Equipment

Installation kit for extra cold water

(Only TR900 SS models with cleaning)

Standard Equipment

Foot support

The movable foot support may be placed in three positions.
H = 95 mm (Standard equipment)
H = 145 mm (Option)

Standard Equipment

Maximum patient weight of 150 kg/330 lbs

For Caregiver


Basic specifications


Safe Patient Bathing

The product is designed for caregiver's ergonomic use.


Stainless Steel Bathtub

Corrosion and chemical resistant bathtub suitable for tough environment and advanced treatment.


Height adjustment

Height adjustment for an ergonomic work enviroment for the caregiver.

Lowest position 610 mm from the floor up to the bath rim.
Highest position 940 mm from the floor up to the bath rim.


Clean and hygienic design

The chemical resistant tub with easy-to-clean surface guards against bacterial growth inside and outside giving a high standard of hygiene.


Easy operation

Easy to operate and maintain thanks to simple and obvious controls.

Operating panel for a TR900 SS


Keyhole shaped bathtub

Long, key hole shaped bathtub allows more space around the upper body so that the resident can be fully covered with water. It also offers the caregiver easy access to the bathtub from three sides.


Shower and cleaning hoses

Shower and cleaning hoses clearly colour marked and out of reach and sight for resident for saftey.

Cleaning hose (TR 900 C SS):


Use with TR Patient Lifts

Suitable to use with the TR 9650 Bath Lift System or other Patient Lift, mobile or ceiling hoist systems.

Options For Patient

For patient

Head pillow

Bathing is comfortable and safe thanks to head pillow (Option).

For patient


The Whirlpool system generates a gentle massaging effect that stimulates blood circulation that may ease muscle tension.

For patient

Local treatment

Option available for all TR 900 models with whirlpool.

For patient

All wellness options can be configurated with cleaning and autofill functions

Options / Accessories


Autofill system (TR 900A SS)

Autofill function rapidly fills the bathub and makes the complete bathing cycle more efficient and minimizes the heat loss.


Cleaning/Disinfection system (TR 900C SS)

Separate cleaning system with safety on and off valves to ease cleaning of Bath and other equipment.


Emergency lowering system

The emergency lowering function is activated at power failure and gives you the possibility to lower the bath by pushing a button inside the bath.


Disinfection fluid flowmeter (TR 900C SS)

Flow meter control for dilution of cleaning solution. Only for TR 900 models with cleaning.


Rapid filling

The 3/4" (22mm) thermostatic mixing valve, the double filling spouts give a good water flow and short filling time.


TMV 3 thermostatic mixer (UK)

TMV3 approved thermoscopic mixers for the UK market with separate maximum themperatures for bath fill and shower water.

 Product only available at UK retailers.


Risk 5 gantry (UK)

The tub can be equipped with gantry for shower and cleaning hose to comply with UK regulations regading Category 5 back flow prevention.

Product only available at UK retailers.


Transport wheel beam with ramp

For easier handling during installation.

“Just ordered a new pillow for this bathtub, and have never had any problems with it in 15 years. Such a good quality product!”


Johan Smith, England

The friendly functional design of the TR 900SS Integrated bathtub and panel makes it simple and convenient to operate.

The smooth and soft design makes it easy to clean and maintain.

Burn treatment ward in Turkey

Customized TR900 A SS to RigsHospitalet Copenhagen w/o over drainage to reduce risk of bacterial build up

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