Multi-tasking battery operated shower trolley with endless application possibilities

The TR 3200 shower trolley (max patient weight 220 kg) is unique with its side dual mounted columns, allow­ing the trolley stretcher to overlap the bed further for a safe and easy resident transfer.

The trolley drains at both ends allowing the person to be positioned in either direction, an invaluable feature for the caregiver.

The TR3200 comes in two sizes, and both versions are available with on board battery solution or with removeable rechargeable batteries.

All TR3200 models comes delivered ready for use with a mag code charger, mattress, head pillow, 4 braked castors and 1 m flexible drainage hose.

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Standard Equipment

Standard Equipment

Measurements (mm)

TR3200 mm

Product Measurement document available for download at the bottom of the page.

Standard Equipment

Measurements (inch)

TR3200 inch

Product Measurement document available for download at the bottom of the page.

Standard Equipment

Maximum patient weight of 220 Kg / 493 lbs

Standard Equipment

Battery solution

On board battery solution as standard
(removable battery option available)

Audible tone when the battery is running low.

High capacity rechargeable batteries (14 Ah) to be charged via main supply using a magnetic battery charger connection for safety and ease of use. 

Standard Equipment

Dual drainage offers easy change of designated head end

Standard Equipment

Floor clearance at 160 mm to enable floor lift transfers

Standard Equipment

The chassis and sub-frames are made of powder coated stainless steel

Proven choice of durable high-quality material guarantees a low cost of ownership.

Standard Equipment

Bumper wheel protection

The stretcher has rubber bumper wheels on all four corners to protect walls and doorways.

Standard Equipment

Four 100 mm braked twin castors as standard

Straight Steering castors available as an option

Standard Equipment

Mattress and head pillow in blue color

Well proven high quality durable mattress designed to last for years made in Flame retardant PVC material.
Easily removable from the shower trolley.

Standard Equipment

Flexible drainage hose, L = 1 m

For Caregiver


Basic specifications


Safe Patient Handling

The product is height-adjustable for caregiver's ergonomic use and is specifically designed and manufactured for safe in-patient hospital use.


Height adjustable

Quiet and smooth height adjustable motion from the hand control between 600-900 mm.
Audible tone when battery is running low.


Side mounted column

Side mounted column design to allow the shower trolley stretcher to overlap the bed for a safe and easy patient transfer.


Clean design and easy access

The TR 3200 is designed for easy cleaning and ease in mobility and transfers.


Foldable and flexible side rails

Foldable side rails for efficient and safe patient transfer and transport. Side rail on bed side of the shower trolley folds to horizontal position. Side rail on attendant side folds all the way down for easier access to the patient.

The side rails can be pressed together when travelling through narrow dorrways.


Tilt adjustment

By using the hand control, the stretcher can easily be tilted (+-4°) i to the "Trendelenburg" position to alleviate person in shock. The tiliting function also eases drainage.An audiable tone sounds when the stretcher is level.


Use with TR 2810 Shower Panel

Suitable to use with the TR 2810 Shower Panel to fulfill a complete Shower system that is comfortable for both caregiver and patient.


The mattress is easily removable


Emergency stopp

If the lifting column on the shower trolley, for some reason must be stopped immediately and it

doesn’t help to stop pressing the hand control, press the Emergency stop on the battery box.

The Emergency stop will cut the power supplied to the lifting column.

Accessories / Options


Backrest wedge pillow

15° comes in Blue or Grey and fits all TR3200 models.

30° comes in Grey and can only be used TR 3200 L


Removable rechargeable battery solution

Model TR3000 R with 24 VDC, 4 Ah (Lithium, rechargeable) battery


Color, head pillow and mattress

All models can be delivered with grey head pillow and mattress instead of blue (standard)


Straight steering castors

Standard trolley comes with 4 braked castors.


Longer drainage hose, 2,5 m

Instead of 1 m as standard.


Fastners/straps for attachment on mattresses to side rails

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