The Bure Rise & Go Walker offers a unique and patented power rise feature that transforms it into a versatile assist lift, patient transfer aid, and walking aid - all in one equipment.

With stepless powered height and leg width adjustment, this walker provides a safe and convenient way to assist patients in standing upright.

To further enhance the product's functionality, the walker comes equipped with a split standing harness available in three different sizes that fits over the patient's lower back. Once the power rise is completed, the knee supports can be moved away to convert the Rise and Go into a traditional walker. Alternatively, by attaching the platform, patients can simply place their feet on it and be transferred with ease after completion of the power rise function.

Bure Rise & Go helps improve work ergonomics for caregivers and other medical personnel. With smart force-increasing assistance, the patient stands safely and naturally without wearing out the back of the healthcare staff.

TR Equipment offers the Bure Rise & Go to customers in North and South America.

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Technical Specifications

Standard Equipment

Width - External

External widht is 26 - 42" (66-106cm).

Standard Equipment

Max Patient Weight

 Maximum patient weight 330 Ibs (150kg).

Standard Equipment


 The lenght is 40" (101cm).

Standard Equipment


 The height is 35 - 51" (90-130cm).

Standard Equipment

Armrest/Internal Dimension

The armrest/internal dimension is 13 - 26" (34-67cm).

Features & Benefits


Unique Power Rise Assistance

 Bure Rise & Go acts as a stand-up, mobility and walking aid in one and the same product, which makes the concept very cost effective.


Shin Support

Bure Rise & Go is fitted with shin supports that make for a better standing manoeuvre; they are height adjustable and can be moved aside simply to create greater space.


Electrically Driven Frame Widening

Electrically driven frame widening makes it easy to move the walker right up close to users without worrying about wheelchair width, chair width or bed design.


Power Rise

Bure Rise & Go is a unique aid for assisting patients or users during the standing manoeuvre.


Flexible Stepless Adjustment

Electrically driven height adjustment makes it easy to pre-set the walker to the desired height.



 The walker has anatomical cushions that provide relief for shoulders, arms and the neck and shift the focus to larger muscle groups such as leg and chest muscles.


Ergonomic Handles

Ergonomically designed handles are easily adjustable in every direction for optimum individual comfort.

For Patient

For patient

Walking training

Bure Rise & Go is designed to ease walking training and rehabilitation for many different patients.

For patient

Step 1

The harness is fitted over the patient’s lower back and bottom, the straps adjusted, and the leg supports placed in the correct position.

For patient

Step 2

The patient holds on to the handles and the electrically driven power rise function begins. The patient follows a natural pattern of movement with the aid of the unique harness and the vertical lift action.

For patient

Step 3

On completion of the power rise, the leg supports are swung away and the patient is free to walk using the StandTall walker. Alternatively, patients place their feet on footplate and are ready to be moved once power rise is complete.



Transport plate

Transport foot plate available for easy transportation.



Different size harnesses available to accommodate different persons.


Gait Training Harness

Gait training harnesses are accessories used for increased safety when training using the Bure Rise & Go. The product’s two groin straps and attachment hooks minimize the risk if the user becomes dizzy or similar.

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