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Assisted showering at its best!

Height Adjustable Shower Chair with forward tilt and recline.

TR 1000 Shower Chair minimizes static load and offers an ergonomic working environment for caregivers and smooth transfer for the patient.

The wide seat makes it useful even for bariatric patients.

Clean and stable design makes the TR1000 easy to clean and safe to use.

Working Load Limit: 200 Kg (440 lbs)

Shower Chair TR 1000

TR 1000 Video

The TR 1000 movie gives you full access to all product features.

Shower Chair for Safe Patient Handling

TR 1000 is a great solution to minimize static load and offers a safe and ergonomic working environment for caregivers. 


The bed pan accessory option can be fitted to the chair to ease toileting.


Four twin castors with locking mechanism for easy movement, stability and safety.

Clean Design

Clean design of chassis and chair make access easy during transfers and showering. It also makes the TR 1000 easy to clean.

Column design

Columns for height adjustment give gentle and smooth movement and provide a clean design.


Seat and backrest are designed for comfort and cleanliness.


Easy to understand hand control for height adjustment and tilt from any position around the chair.

Wide seat

TR 1000 has a wide seat that qualifies it even for bariatric patients.

Easy Cleaning

The rear chair design features a smooth surface for ease of cleaning.

Easy Transfer

Suitable to use with most sling hoists and standing/raising aids to make transfers as smooth and safe as possible.


The adjustable and foldable footrest ensures security and comfort for residents (available option).

Forward tilt

The forward tilt adjustment mechanism allows easier transfers from wheelchairs and standing aids and creates security for both resident and caregiver.


Foldable armrests feature grip knobs for resident´s comfort and safety.

Front closing armrests

Front closing armrests for increased sense of security for residents, in any RAL color (factory mounted option).


The headrest provides support and security for the residents head and neck.

Height adjustment

Wide height adjustment range with smooth and gentle movement to give residents and caregivers a safe and comfortable showering and shampooing experience.


The integrated leg rest is designed for residents comfort and ergonomic working routines.


Recline position for the residents comfort and relaxation that allows easy access for caregiver.

Safety Belt

Belt over the hip feature for patient safety.


Designed for stability and for ease in mobility and transfers.


Seat and chassis create possibilities for toileting over standard toilet or with a bed pan attached to the chair.

Battery pack

Removable battery packs are easy to change making the TR 1000 simple to charge and always ready for use.

TR 2810 Shower Panel

Suitable to use with the TR 2810 Shower Panel to fulfill a complete Shower system that is comfortable for both caregiver and patient.


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