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Bariatric Shower Trolley

Battery operated bariatric shower trolley meets all your hygiene and work safety related needs working with assisted showering for bariatric patients.

Shower trolley with lots of power and plenty of body space designed for a Working Load Limit of 

450 kg/1000 lbs.
The shower trolley is suitable for many different purposes besides showering, for example dressing and nursing: the possibilities are endless. 

Bariatric Shower Trolley TR 4000

TR 4200 Movie

The TR 4200 movie gives you full access to all its features.

Shower Trolley for Safe Patient Handling

The product is height-adjustable for caregiver's ergonomic use and is specifically designed and manufactured for safe in-patient hospital use showering both bariatric and taller patients.

Shower Trolley for Wide usage

The shower trolley can be used for resident with unique needs in all types of care enviroments for showering and other purposes such as changing and treatments.

High capacity bariatric shower trolley

Unique capacity on weight, width and length with a Working Load Limit of 450 kg / 1000 lbs. 

Plenty of stretcher space

The wide shower trolley stretcher allows plenty of body space convenient both for resident and attendant.

Extra body length

Foldable head end rail allows extra body length and ease transfers.

Shower trolley with "Trendelenburg" position

Tilt control in both directions for fast "Trendelenburg" position for resident comfort and easy drainage.

Transfer & operation

Easy to operate, efficient and safe person transfer, transport and showering.

Side/safety rails

Shower trolley width 180 degrees foldable side rails that looks into position made in stainless steel on for easier access during patient transfer. The side rails are also foldable inwards when passing through narrow doorways.

Proven Low cost of ownership

The TR shower trolley design and choice of durable high quality components, gurantees a low cost of ownership.

Large castors

Large castors (150 mm) for convenient and easy transport of shower trolley.

Corner bumper wheels

Shower trolley equipped with bumper wheels on all four corners for wall and doorway protection.

Centralized break and straight steering

Foot controlled center locking castor brake system with straight steering.

High capacity batteries

On board, high capacity rechargeable batteries (14 Ah) to be charged via main supply. Magnetic battery charger connection for safety and ease of use.

Mattress and pillow colors

The TR 4000 Shower Trolley comes with a grey flame retardant mattress and 15 degree wedge pillow as standard, but are also available in blue. 

The mattress that can be easily removed for cleaning. 

Wedge pillow

Wedge pillow available in a 15 or 30-degree angle can be used to incline the residents back for comfort and safety.

TR 2810 Shower Panel

Suitable to use with the TR 2810 Shower Panel to fulfill a complete Shower system that is comfortable for both caregiver and patient.


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