TR Equipment attended AIMday in Uppsala

On Wednesday 15th was #AIMday, Lucy Robertshaw was representing TR Equipment in Uppsala where Region Uppsala, Medtech4Health, Akademiska sjukhuset and Uppsala Universitet were holding their workshop and seminar.

#AIMday brings different perspectives and surprising new avenues to solving actual challenges in organisations. This now held in 20 countries and over various sectors not just healthcare as was the day in Uppsala.

It was great to hear what challenges that the Swedish healthcare see with patients inevitably living longer in 2050 we will have 426 million people who are 80 years old in the world, the introduction of patients being able to monitor their health at home via wearables so that doctors can access how their patients are doing without physically seeing them which frees up time for them to see other patients.

The long term strategy is inevitably that the healthcare would like patient’s to be treated in their own home as there just is not the bandwidth for everyone to be in a healthcare facility, this will need a new strategy on what infrastructure people’s homes will need to have in the future. Also, what resources will we need so that healthcare professionals can visit them in their homes.

We at TR equipment are focussed on ensuring that are products are fit for purpose for the future and that’s why we are very keen to learn what demands are from healthcare so that we can develop products for the future to ensure that staff can help patients with hygiene needs, which is safe for them and also the patients as well.

Uppsala AIM day

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