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Bure Rise & Go

The Bure Rise & Go is a cost-effective walker enhanced with a patented power rise function. 

Thanks to the electric power rise function, Bure Rise & Go becomes a combined stand-up, mobility and walking aid all in one single product.

TR Equipment can offer the Gate Bure Rise & Go to customers in the Americas and the UK.

Gate Bure Rise & Go

Rise & Go Video

Watch introduction video to the Bure Rise & Go.

Unique power rise assistance

Bure Rise & Go acts as a stand-up, mobility and walking aid in one and the same product, which makes the concept very cost effective.

Walking training

Bure Rise & Go is designed to ease walking training and rehabilitation for many different patients.

Step 1

The harness is fitted over the patient’s lower back and bottom, the straps adjusted and the leg supports placed in the correct position.

Step 2

The patient holds on to the handles and the electrically driven power rise function begins. The patient follows a natural pattern of movement with the aid of the unique harness and the vertical lift action.

Step 3

On completion of the power rise, the leg supports are swung away and the patient is free to walk using the StandTall walker. Alternatively, patients place their feet on footplate and are ready to be moved once power rise is complete.

Transport plate

Transport foot plate available for easy transportation.


Different size harnesses available to accommodate different persons.

Gait Training Harness

Gait training harnesses are accessories used for increased safety when training using the Bure Rise & Go. The product’s two groin straps and attachment hooks minimize the risk if the user becomes dizzy or similar.

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