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Height adjustable Stainless steel bathtubs

Height adjustable bathtubs that meets all your hygiene and work safety related needs for assisted bathing, institutional bathing in rough environments and bath for burns units.

TR 900 Stainless Steel is specially made for care facilities involved in burns treatment. The Stainless Steel burn care bath can be delivered together with all standard TR 900 glass fibre panels both manual and Autofill models.

TR 900 Stainless steel

TR 900 Movie

The TR 900 movie gives you full access to all its features.

TR 900 SS for Safe Patient Bathing

The product is designed for caregiver's ergonomic use.

Height adjustment

Height adjustment for an ergonomic work enviroment for attendant.

Stainless Steel

High quality Stainless Steel for high hygiene level and long lifetime

High standard of hygiene

The chemical resistant tub with easy-to-clean surfaces guards against bacterial growth inside and outside giving a high standard of hygiene.

Resistant bathtub

Corrosion and chemical resistant bathtub suitable for tough environment and advanced treatment. 


Autofill function that quickly fills the bath makes the complete bathing cycle more efficient and minimizes the heat loss.

Shaped bathtub

Long, key hole shaped stainless steel bathtub allows more space around the upper body for easy excess for attendant during treatment and bathing and so that the resident can be fully covered with water.

Long lifetime

High quality components, durable materials and functional design equals long lifetime.

Cleaning system

Separate cleaning system with safety on and off valves to ease cleaning of Bath and other equipment (Option).


Clear thermometer showing temperature of shower and filling water flow and still bathtub water (Autofill).

Easy Operation

Easy to operate thanks to simple and obvious controls.


Whirlpool system for a comfortable and relaxing bathing experience (Option).

Safe and hygienic

Safe and hygienic bathing, especially within burn units, for both attendant and resident thanks to easy to clean surfaces and pop-up drainage.

Shower and cleaning hoses

Shower and cleaning hoses clearly colour marked and out of reach and sight for resident for saftey and a relaxing bathing experiance.

Head pillow

Bathing is comfortable and safe thanks to head pillow (Option).

Foot rest

Bathing is comfortable and safe thanks to adjustable foot rest (Option).

Many options

Stainless steel bathtub can be attached to all TR 900 and TR 900A fiberglass panels. TR 900SS can therefore have many different option such as autofill, whirlpool and cleaning.

Flow meter control for dilution of cleaning solution

Only for TR900 models with cleaning

Local treatment

Option available for all TR900 models with Whirlpool

TR 900 Transport wheel beam with ramp

For easier handling during installation.


Can be equipped with gantry for shower and cleaning hose to comply with UK regulations regarding Category 5 back flow prevention.
Product only available at UK retailers.   Product only available at UK retailers.

Patient Lifts

Suitable to use with the TR 9650 Bath Lift System or other Patient Lift, mobile or ceiling hoist systems.


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